Frequently Asked Questions

The old courts

Why do the courts need repair and resurfacing?

The 2 tennis courts were last resurfaced in 2000, 22 years ago! Current court conditions are slick and unsafe even when players wear the right court shoes. Players are susceptible to slipping and related injuries. The 2 tennis courts are enjoyed by many neighbors, friends, and kids who love to play sports, and we want to improve that community experience.

Why can't Seattle Parks & Recreation repair the courts without our help?

Seattle Parks & Recreation has an annual $100k budget for resurfacing any sports courts, and there are 140 tennis courts across the city. To resurface 2 tennis courts, the base estimate is $30k excluding additional fees, taxes and major repairs. Do the math, and the city can resurface 2-3 sites per year. Our Eastlake courts would likely get repaired in the next 5-10 years, BUT with your help, we can make it happen next year 2023!

How much will this cost?

$40k. This includes resurfacing 2 tennis courts, Seattle Parks and Recreation project management expenses, and budget contingency. Our total fundraising goal is $40k. In addition to your private donations, we are submitting an application for a matching grant to fund half (or $20k) of our funding goal.

Why should we donate now?

Without your help, the courts would not get repaired until 2027 or later. If we can raise the funds and the awareness, we can have newly resurfaced courts in summer 2023!

When would the courts be completed?

The target is summer 2023.

How else can we help?

Please spread the word via word of mouth, social media and in your respective communities!

About the Friends of Eastlake Tennis Revival

We are a group of neighbors, friends, tennis fans, USTA amateur tennis players, parents and community stewards. We are advocates of healthy and vibrant communities, and our 2023 goal is to improve the tennis community spaces in the Eastlake neighborhood.

More questions?

Please contact us via email (team AT eastlaketennis DOT com), Facebook, or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!

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Court Preview
View how a resurfaced Eastlake tennis court would look like.